Blessed Inspiration

In the pictures below are John & Becky Trimble with grammy award winning fine artist Jim Warren who has collaborated some of his amazing work with Wyland. This was at his 2009 holiday art show/birthday bash. He unfortunately wasn't able to make it, because he suddenly got sick. Jim and I did talk over the phone for almost an hour it seemed, and it was really good to meet him and talk about all kinds of artist stuff and what inspires us to keep wanting to paint etc. Jim told me to just go ahead and superimpose himself into a photo, so that's what I did. It didn't matter to me if he was there or not. talking to him on the phone was good enough. His health was much more important to say the least. This was a painting I worked on for Jim for his birthday and as a dedication to him for all the work and inspiration he's done for others through his own work. Thanks Jim for the cool chat and taking the time to talk artist to artist! It was a wonderful opportunity. I really enjoyed painting this for you and it was an honor.

Also on this page, you'll also see a lightly watermarked image of the painting I did for Jim for his Birthday. It's depicting him perhaps when he first started painting himself. It shows him feeding a horse an apple on a tropical beach with a snowy mountain scape with a bald eagle flying on one side and on the other tropical island. It also shows the moon rising and sun setting. These are all different things that inspires Jim to paint what he loves. The title of the painting is called "Blessed Inspiration" because I felt there couldn't be any other title more suitable to dedicate this to him for all the inspiration he's given me by the subject matter he chooses to paint that inspires him.

I felt I needed to explain a few things as well. I painted this for him as a gift for his birthday and to show my gratitude and apprecation for all the years he's inspired me as an artist. I paint because I love to paint. It's a part of me and the way I express myself. When an artist paints something, they put their heart and soul into it. They do it for the pure joy of creating and appreciating what's around them and what inspires them. I give, because I want to share one of my loves in life with others. When I give away something as special as a painting, I'm not just giving to be nice, I'm giving a little peice of myself that I painted and expressed in my painting as well. There are many outlets in many art forms that I have already decided to take on and am working on as well. My options are endless, but one thing I will always enjoy doing is traditional drawing and painting which has been a big part of me since I was a kid. If it wasn't for traditional art, I couldn't have nearly as much appreciation for it as I do today. I'm thankful each day that I get to recreate what Nature has given us. Thankyou.