Back buttonFrom 1989-1991

I was hired to do skateboarding stunts in a Popsicle commercial called "Twister".
I was paid $500.00 for two days of work. It was good money for 14 year old! You can see the video of me freestyle skating in the commercial in the videos section of my website.

I was also hired to freestyle skateboard on a kids t.v. show called Reading Rainbow.
In this episode of Reading Rainbow, "The Bicycle Man" my face was shown along with
me skateboarding. It was very cool to be seen on a fairly popular kids t.v. show series.
you can also see this video in the Videos section of my website.

I was a guest on a kids t.v. show called “Awesome Kids” that was hosted by famous
actress Kellie Shanygne Williams (Laura Winslow) from the sitcom “Family Matters”.
They had me showing my freestyle skateboarding skills and talking about it with Kellie,
while mentioning my younger brothers skills on rollerblades. I don't have video of this yet I'm guessing my mom still has it somewhere. I still have the scripts we read off though.

I skated in the Gale Webb action sports shows for 3-4 years at county fairs in San Diego
and Los Angeles county. Her message to all was, "Get high on life and sports, not drugs"
It was a lot of fun demonstrating my skills, while inspiring kids and teenagers.

I also skated in several different holiday parades with my brothers in Sandiego county.