Please read below. It's a very important message before thinking of using this art concept for any reason.

I came up with this concept when I was only 11 years old and into creating branched off versions of mythological creatures. I decided to draw it the best I could when I was about 16 years old while taking drawing more seriously. I never shared this drawing with anyone until after May 2009. The reason for this is because I planned on using this concept to hopefully make it into a marketable peice of work through 3D modeling and animation. At the time I chose to publish this on the web, I didn't have a whole lot of time to make it into a 3D character. I chose to use it as a peice of my portfolio to show others how creative of an imagination I have that should prove useful when working in an animation studio. Now the art work has finally come to life in 3D! and can be seen here!

This is my baby and I will not tolerate anyone abducting this concept from me and using it for their own benefit. Infringment is wrong and if you're going to branch off an idea, keep as far away from the originators concept as possible, especially if you plan on making money off the idea, unless given permission with written agreement and consent while splitting percentage of income. Please respect the integrity of the artist. If any companies, other artists like what they've seen and would like to use this concept for any of your future projects, please do the right thing by contacting me with permission first.