Back button This was my last Mural I finished right after I painted the 10'x40' Ocean Mural on the school wall. This was painted in a 12 year old girls room who'm enjoy's english riding. The person on the horse is supposed to be her riding on the horse. I wanted to share a photo of the horse without all it's gear on, so that you can see the horse in it's full beauty. This was my very first attempt to paint any horse at all. I beleive I may have made it's body a few centimeters too long. I still think it look's good though. The girl I painted it for, really likes it alot. This mural is 6'x5' right above her bed. The Mural took me only 24 hrs to paint, I was there for 4 days. 9 hrs on day one, 6 hrs on day two, 6 hrs on day three, and 3 hrs on day four.