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This was my first outdoor mural. The mural was requested by the principal of SanMarcos
Middle School, then Given permission by the Mayor of SanMarcos. I painted the Mural and It took me a total of 3 days at 6 hours a day. The hardest part was cutting out giant stencils for the lettering 1 week in advance before I started. Then I had to stick duct tape on the backs and edges of each giant stencil so they can stay on the wall while I airbrushed the Letters in. This was the fastest, cleanest and most efficient way I knew how to do this. I also had to be pretty precise and careful about how each letter went up. The picture on the left is their school mascot. The Crusader. The picture on the right is the school awarding system symbol and the different years they won for academic approval. Unfortunately, when they were repainting this school back in winter of 2001, They decided to paint over the whole mural. I was a little upset, but atleast I got pictures of it.