Acrylic Paintings Hawaiian Dream Acrylic sea life painting Evening Stretch Acrylic painting of Dolphin pod playing at sunset Skater's Heaven Acrylic painting of in-line skater grinding down a nike symbol shaped handrail in outerspace Cherish our Creators world Acrylic painting of surfer riding wave as the hand of God is creating his surroundings Untamed Hearts Acrylic painting collage of cowboy super model tiger and eagle Mystical Paradise Acrylic sea life painting of mermaids dolphins swimming below while angels and dragon fly above Tropical Reunion cylindrical Acrylic sea life painting Talking with the Dolphins Acrylic sea life painting Man plays his electric guitar on the beach to communicate with the dolphins and whalesin the ocean Alaskin Dream Acrylic sea life painting of whales dolphins sea lions swimming and breaching out of the ocean while a bald eagle soars the skies American Dawn Acrylic painting of bald Eagle flying through the Grand Canyon while carrying the American flag with it's talons and a ribbon in it's mouth that spells out Good Morning America Tuty Fruity Island Acrylic painting of oversized tropical fruit on a tropical beach Acrylic painting of John Trimble freestyle skateboarding in the 1989 national freestyle skateboarding contest Acrylic painting of dog in the snow Fantasy Island Acrylic sea life painting dolphins sea turtle fish small island Blue Territories Acrylic painting airbrushed great White shark Snow Spirit Acrylic painting Airbrushed Snowy Owl Tranquil Sanctuary Acrylic painting 4 foot by 6 foot tropical sea life on canvas bathing Before Hybernation Acrylic painting of Bear soaking in a hot springs just after the first snow fall



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